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Morning Masterclass

Coming soon, check back for updates.

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Coming soon, check back for updates.

The perfect experience for the true whisky enthusiast. Your Morning Masterclass will start with an extended guided viewing of our whisky collection over coffee and shortbread. A fun sensory perception test then prepares you for a comparative tasting of one blend, one single grain and two single malt whiskies, and the nosing of a new-make spirit.

This tour includes:

  • Private viewing of the World's Largest Collection of Scotch Whisky
  • Tea or coffee and shortbread
  • Sensory perception test
  • Comparative tastings of one blend, one single grain and two single malt whiskies
  • Nosing of new-make spirit
  • Boxed crystal whisky tasting glass
  • Complimentary gift
  • Please note that this tour is available in English only
  • Please note that this tour is strictly for those aged 18 years and over

Essential companions are admitted free of charge, however if they wish to participate fully in the tour (whisky tasting, receive gifts etc), then they will be charged at full-price. 

Please note that same-day online bookings are not available.

Full information on the accessibility of your visit within our building and on our tour can be found here.



Recent Reviews

Actually awesome

I took the morning masterclass. I was expecting something very touristy, but it was actually awesome. The tour lead was fantastic and knowledgeable, and I learned a lot. The barrel tour at the end was also fantastic, modern, and very well executed.

Via Google reviews:

Lovely experience.

An entertaining informative 2 hours with very pleasant company. Started off with a coffee and shortbread to line the stomach followed by tasting 4 whiskies. Goody bag and a tasting glass as a memento. Revision was a ride on the barrels! Lovely experience.


I attended the masterclass on 16th April,it was excellent our guide took us through the whole distilling process, and the sensory test was unusual,then came the sampling of various types of dram. I left with a great understanding of the vast variety of whisky out there. Thanks again!

The most interesting tour we took in Scotland

The Morning Masterclass at the Scotch Whiskey Experience was by far the most interesting "tour" we took while in Scotland. The tour starts with tea, coffee and shortbread as you tour the world's single largest scotch whiskey collection.

Next, you head into the "classroom" for an aroma testing, whiskey tasting and lots of education! We learned so much in this class about the different kinds of scotch whiskey, the differences in flavor in the regions, the differences in which casks are used, etc. It was really interesting and definitely helped narrow the expansive whiskey options to something you like. You can also sound smarter when you order at the bar!

We would highly recommend this class over a distillery tour. The class is limited to ~10 people, so there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions. And because the class covers all areas and kinds of whiskey, you're not just limited to tasting a certain distillery's offerings. I really don't like whisky, but went because my husband is a huge fan, and we both equally enjoyed everything we learned.

Visited July 2016