Whisky Tastings

We have some of the most passionate and knowledgeable people that you will ever meet in our tasting team. They will bring the rich and fascinating world of Scotch whisky to life through our various tastings. From novice to connoisseur, foodie to culture vulture, there is the perfect tasting for you to choose. We’ll have you nosing like an expert in no time, as you discover the secrets behind the complex flavours hidden in each glass. The stories of the history, culture and mysteries of Scotch whisky will stay with you as wonderful memories after your visit. All of our tastings can be made even more special for you or your guests by adjusting the whiskies chosen to perfectly suit.


Private Tutored Tasting

You will be welcomed by your whisky expert in one of our beautiful private rooms, and guided through the tasting with enthusiasm, fun and a good bit of Scottish banter.

Our Sensory Perception Quiz helps break the ice and raise the team spirit, with prizes for the most accurate answers to an aroma test. You’ll discover if you have the hidden skills of a Master Blender in your group! Our whisky expert then shows your guests how to nose and taste four single malt whiskies from four of Scotland’s main whisky-producing regions: Lowlands, Highlands, Speyside, Campbeltown and Islay.

Guests are tutored through the five stages of appreciating Scotch whisky: colour, body, nose, palate and finish. The whiskies chosen illustrate regional differences, wood finishes, differing ages of maturation and methods of production. Tales from the regions and distilleries bring Scotland and its rich distilling history to life and leave you with a thirst to travel and discover whisky country.

New – Sustainable Scotch Tasting– from draff-fed cows to leaping salmon, there are hundreds of projects, big and small, taking place all over Scotland as our distillers care for the local flora, fauna and ecosystems surrounding their distilleries.  You can request this special theme when booking your tasting.

Tutored Tasting – minimum 10 guests –  £37.00 per person

Informal Whisky Tastings

Informal whisky tastings work well for large groups. For such an event, we organise several tables, manned by knowledgeable and passionate members of our whisky tasting team. At each station we have a different single malt Scotch whisky, chosen to represent regional differences, wood finishes, differing ages of maturation and methods of production. The tasting begins with an introduction on how to appreciate whisky by examining the colour, body, nose, palate, and finish. Our whisky expert will also describe each of the whiskies and offer a little bit of the background of each. Guests are then free to nose and taste each of the four Scotch whiskies at their leisure, with informal instruction from each of our whisky experts. Informal tastings are suitable for corporate events and conferences as well social gatherings and occasions. Informal tastings are priced and quoted on an individual basis according to demand and context.

Blend Your Own

Or you could splash out – without spilling a drop of course – on a ‘Blend Your Own’ session. You’ll step into the shoes of a Master Blender and create your own whisky to bottle and treasure forever – or until the temptation to sample it becomes too great. Includes a full tutored tasting as above.

Tutored Tasting & Blend Your Own – minimum 10 guests –  £67.00 per person

Super Premium Whisky Tasting

A premium tasting experience, fascinating for anyone interested in Scotland and its rich distilling heritage.

The tasting will include four drams including vintage casks, never to be repeated, giving you the chance to try rare and aged stocks that are diminishing by the day.

Taking place in the stunning vault containing the historic World’s Largest Collection of Scotch Whisky, the tasting will be conducted by a ‘Keeper of the Quaich’, an inductee into the hallowed ‘Keepers of the Quaich’ organisation.

The whiskies featured on the tasting are chosen by one of our expert Keepers to represent some of the rarest and most sought after single malt whiskies available.  No two tastings are alike! This exclusive premium whisky tasting is available for two to twelve people, and must be booked in advance.

Super Premium Tasting – minimum 2 guests –  £485.00 per person

Please be aware that the Tutored tasting and blending sessions are a group activity for 10 people and above. For individuals or smaller groups, all of our Whisky Tour Experiences contain a guided tasting of Scotch whisky.

Should you wish to organise a very special bespoke tasting for less than 10, this can be arranged but will be based on a minimum charge for 10.