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The Scotch Whisky Experience was created by the whisky industry, find out more about the company and the industry as a whole.

The Collection

Our Whisky Collection comprises 3,384 bottles of Scotch Whisky, making it a priceless record of whisky history.

The Whisky Collection The Whisky Collection

About the Company

Having first opened to the public in 1988, The Scotch Whisky Experience was created by the Scotch whisky industry to showcase Scotch to international visitors.
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About Whisky

Learn more about how whisky is made here in Scotland, the differences between different whiskies throughout the world and a little bit more about this awe-inspiring industry.
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Our Distilleries

Find out more about Scotch whisky distilleries and their eco/sustainability stories.
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Green Tourism

We are delighted to hold a Gold award for Green Tourism and are working hard to make positive actions every day to do more.
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Latest news, upcoming events and stories from the world of Scotch.

Our Blog

Stories, facts and fun from the world of Scotch
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Latest News

The latest news from Scotch whisky's Edinburgh home.
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Upcoming Events

Find out about our upcoming events and promotions
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Work with us

If you are interested in working for The Scotch Whisky Experience read on to discover more about what we believe in and if it resonates with you please get in touch!

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