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Green Tourism

The environmental policy at The Scotch Whisky Experience

As part of our commitment to sustainability and green tourism, we are assessed under the Green Tourism scheme, the leading sustainable tourism certification scheme in the UK. We are delighted to hold a Gold award and are working hard to make positive actions every day to do more with sustainability and ecological practices.

What’s New? 

Spring 2022

Our retail team recently met with a new packaging company to discuss sustainable alternatives for our retail packaging solutions. The immediate priority is to replace bubble wrap and plastic postal bags for our online shop orders, with a longer-term goal to use only sustainable utilities going forward.

The team are also in discussion with one of our chocolate suppliers and we hope to replace the current plastic bag that is used with a bespoke box, and bio-based film inner. We are excited to be working with the supplier and hope to see mock up designs soon.

Autumn / Winter 2021

Our events and hospitality team have switched flip charts for white boards to save paper and help all our clients to undertake their  planning work at meetings with zero waste. Clickshare technology in our beautiful rooms, with cleverly hidden screens and tech, allow you to cast snaps of your white boards to the screen before wiping clear for the next topic. Little measures like this make a difference and will reduce our paper recycling from the department by 90% each year!

Our IT & Facilities department have had a pre-Christmas clear out and amnesty for any broken tech equipment around the building.  Working with the brilliant CCL North Edinburgh we are delighted that NOTHING will be sent to landfill, with repurposing, repairs and reconditioning.

We have introduced a new collection of upcycled gifts into our whisky and gift shop. Our supplier KAPDAA, the offcut company, is a UK-based textiles business that gives waste material a second lease of life. We had a pile of kilts which were no longer being worn by our staff and in partnership with KAPDAA we have repurposed these items, starting with a new line of notebooks made from the recycled kilts.

We are working on projects to reduce plastic throughout the business and audit all of our single use items.

We have signed up to the Refill app so that people know it’s not just the “water of life” that we serve, but we’ll also happily fill up water bottles to anyone who pops in.  (Bottles are strictly filled with water only, not whisky!)

Every week we’ll add a new distillery’s ecological and sustainability story to our Distillery page and share these great practices with our visitors and online audience.

Much more is also happening – too much to tell here!

Please see below our Environmental policy:

Our company is passionately committed to the Green Tourism scheme (and becoming as environmentally friendly as we can). In pursuit of our mission statement to provide a world class visitor attraction to promote the enjoyment of Scotch whisky, The Scotch Whisky Experience recognises that our operations have an effect on the local, regional and global environment.

As a consequence of this and in keeping with our 5 star visitor rating, we are committed to continuous improvement in environmental performance and the prevention of pollution. To help us achieve these goals, we are committed to the following:

  • We regard environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice as setting the minimum standards of environmental performance
  • We minimise waste by reducing, reusing and recycling materials wherever possible. Recycled paper is used in all printers. All whisky box packaging is recycled as are all plastic bottles.
  • We dispose of all waste through safe and responsible methods.
  • We work with our suppliers to ensure they recognise and reduce the environmental impacts of their products and transportation.
  • We reduce the use of energy, water and other resources wherever possible. Our electricity, gas and water usage is monitored monthly.
  • We implement our policies through guidelines and staff training.
  • We set targets and goals designed to improve our environmental performance.
  • We have joined Green Tourism as an indicator of our sustainable practices.
  • We work to constantly measure and improve our ecological credentials and retail our GOLD Green Tourism award