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The latest content from Scotch whisky’s Edinburgh home.
Festival whiskies

Edinburgh Festivals and whisky!

It’s festival time in Edinburgh! We’ve put together this handy guide on which drams to enjoy whilst visiting Edinburgh’s world-renowned festivals
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Golf and Whisky – Both Quintessentially Scottish

When imagining scenes of Scotland, two things can often spring to mind – golf and whisky. With the imminent Scottish Golf Open, we thought we'd share some of Scotland’s golf and whisky history.
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Victoria sponge with berries and Magnum cream liqueur

Royal Celebrations and Victoria Sponge Cake with a whisky twist!

Read on to discover a delicious recipe for a Victoria Sponge Cake with a whisky twist by one of our Senior Visitor Assistants, Lucy.
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Whisky glasses

Will you be having whisky or whiskey this Independence Day?

As our American friends are celebrating Independence Day (or 4th of July), we thought we’d take a wee look at how America’s finest Bourbon has a large impact in the Scotch whisky industry.
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Five reasons to visit the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

There's so much going on in Edinburgh in August, but you defintiely need to have the Edinburgh Military Tattoo on your list - here's five reasons to visit!
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Whisky month a region at a time - Islay

Feis Ile is the Islay Malt & Music Festival, as it otherwise known, takes place during the last week of May each year.
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Whisky month a region at a time - Campbeltown

Once the prolific centre of distillation the region has gone from 34 distilleries in its Victorian heyday to 3 now, the region’s turbulent history owes much to the boom of steam travel and transport followed by the bust of Prohibition and the Great Depression.
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Whisky Month, a region at a time - Speyside

Home to around half of Scotland’s whisky distilleries, Speyside, is known for its unique micro-climate, Speyside is bordered by the natural features of the snow peaked Cairngorm mountains to the south and the Moray Firth to the north.
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Whisky Month, a region at a time - The Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are without doubt the most famous of Scotland’s regions.  From misty glens and majestic mountain peaks to the gurgling streams, waterfalls and expansive lochs, there couldn’t be a more evocative backdrop to the distilleries from the region.
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Whisky Month, a region at a time - The Lowlands

The Lowland region sometimes feels like one of the most under-appreciated, certainly over the past 50 years, but as the home of The Scotch Whisky Experience, it has a very special pace in our hearts.
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Whisky Cream Sauce Recipe

Perfect recipe to go along with your haggis, make your very own version of our Amber Restaurant chef's whisky cream sauce.
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On The Hunt for Whisky and Easter Eggs

As we start to say farewell to the long dark winter months and welcome in the spring with the first signs of the daffodils, minds start to wander towards Easter and feelings of new beginnings.
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The Ultimate Scotch Whisky Quiz

Think you know your Scotch? We've put together the ultimate test of your Scotch whisky knowledge in this 30-question whisky quiz. Includes answers and a downloadable pdf version.
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Baking with whisky

In celebration of International Chocolate Day, we've put together some tips and recipes on how to bake with Scotch whisky. Enjoy!
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Glenfinannan viaduct

Distilleries to visit by train: Part 1

Our team here at the Scotch Whisky Experience love to get out and about to see the distilleries whose whisky we showcase on our tours. Harry from our Visitor Experience team has narrowed down a list of distilleries in Scotland that you can visit on the train.
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Ben Nevis Distillery

Distilleries to visit by train: Part 2

The second in our series of posts about which Scotch whisky distilleries you can visit by train. This week: Glasgow Queen Street.
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Glen Ord Distillery

Distilleries to visit by train: Part 3

The final post in our series on exploring Scotland's whisky distilleries by train. All aboard at Inverness!
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Scotch Whisky Emoji Quiz

The ultimate Scotch whisky emoji quiz to keep you test your whisky knowledge and your cryptic skills!
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How to host a Scotch tasting party

Bring friends together over a dram, either at home or virtually. Here are all the hints and tips you'll need on how to put together a whisky tasting to remember.
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Whisky stave with glasses

Should you add water to whisky?

We asked whisky writer Ian Wisniewski to give us his thoughts on the crucial question of whisky and water...
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Chocolate Cheesecake and whisky

Whisky and Chocolate Cheesecake

A delicious recipe for a baked chocolate cheesecake, using the vanilla flavours from an American-oak matured Scotch to give it a grown-up kick.
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