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Where our food comes from

Amber's scottish food philosophy

Amber’s presence at the heart of a leading visitor attraction dedicated to the high quality Scottish
product of Scotch Whisky has made it essential that our food offering both complemented Scotch
Whisky, and reflect its quality and regional variations. Just as The Scotch Whisky Experience excels
in converting doubters to the joys of Scotch whisky, Amber champions the cause of Scottish
ingredients and recipes.

In the year 2000 we implemented a plan to source and cook locally grown, reared, and caught
produce from our land, our lochs, and our seas. We would lay aside imported beans from Kenya,
Dutch tomatoes and raspberries from Chile. We had and continue to have nothing against these
places or their efforts to grow and prosper, however being situated in the Scotch Whisky Experience
in Scotland's capital - it made sense!

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12/13 years ago we had to search out producers – we couldn't just have anyone coming up the Royal
Mile with produce in a box from his farm. So we found the growers/producers we were looking for
and introduced them to the secondary suppliers whose methods would comply with the EHO
delivery standards. We continue to work closely with our producers, discuss trends, anticipate
visitors profiles if not they would very quickly run in to production difficulties.

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The results of this strategy have exceeded our most optimistic predictions. Our food and drink
provision has won awards and critical acclaim, and more importantly, Amber has grown in
popularity, becoming a regular haunt for locals, as well as a calm haven for visitors at the top of
Edinburgh’s bustling Royal Mile.

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