LAUNCHED - SWE & Amber Christmas Packages 2021

Glen Scotia Distillery

Glen scotia bees detail

We use 28 tonnes of malted barley per week, which results in the creation of 28 tonnes fo draff which is divided between four different farms all which are close to the distillery. Three farms will receive 8.40 tonnes and one will receive 2.80 tonnes. This is used as a cattle feed, both for dairy and beef cattle, it adds to their already existing feeding requirements but will reduce the need for expensive feeding and give a local substitute which has proven nutritional values, whilst reusing a waste product and ultimately making sure all our draff never goes to waste! This operates all year round.

There are also some 100,000 happy bees at the distillery, adopted by Glen Scotia with the help of Scottish beekeepers at Plan Bee – an eco-innovation business that offers beehive adoption, management and educational services.  

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