Sustainable Scotch - Private Whisky Tasting

Macallan Eco image with field and daisy

Sustainable Scotch - Private Whisky Tasting - the stories behind the ecological credentials of Scotland’s best-known whiskies and our hidden gems.

From draff-fed cows to leaping salmon, there are hundreds of projects, big and small, taking place all over Scotland as our distillers care for the local flora, fauna and ecosystems surrounding their distilleries.

Private tutored tastings can now be booked with our new Sustainable Scotch theme to discover more about these important and uplifting stories.  Groups of ten or more can book our tutored tasting of four contrasting regional single malt Scotch  whiskies with this special theme.

Casks of slumbering Scotch in the bonded warehouses count the passing days to the gentle hum of buzzing bees at many of Scotland’s distilleries.  Projects to protect and increase bee populations are taking place all over the country, from Glengoyne in the Highands, to Glenkinchie in the Lowlands and Campbeltown’s Glen Scotia.  Here in the capital we are supporting The Scottish Bee Company and creating cocktails and recipes with Scotland’s larder of honey.

Strides are being made in materials, transport and production.  You’ll learn the stories of the drams delivered by trucks run on whisky (well the biproducts at least!), energy recovery creating more efficient distilleries and leaps forward in sustainable and ecological bottles and packaging.

Historic buildings are being repurposed and our heritage brought back to life.  Meander in your mind across Scotland as we sip some liquid heritage and history from old cotton mills, restored water wheels and even a monastery.

From coasts and rivers, wetlands and peat bogs, mountains and glens, there are dozens of projects working with charity partners to protect species and their habitats. You’ll discover how distillers are helping the salmon in the river Spey, dolphins and whales around our coastlines and insects and flora in a range of ecosystems; increasing biodiversity and helping to educate us all about what makes their local area so unique.

Get a glimpse of the future and the energy being put into innovation and science.  Discover the new sustainable and experimental distilleries, as some of the mysteries of Scotch begin to give up their secrets.  From Glenmorangie’s Lighthouse to Wm Grant’s Ailsa Bay, Chivas’s Dalmunach and Diageo’s Roseisle, the rural corners of Scotland are home to exciting new centres of whisky making.

Enquire now about our Private Tutored Tastings for your group and spend an hour or so immersed in stories of sustainable Scotch.