Sustainable whisky gifts with KAPDAA

Since 1988, here at the Scotch Whisky Experience (SWE) we have been helping visitors fall in love with Scotland’s national drink. Now, customers can enjoy an authentic, ethical experience following our new sustainability commitments.

See below our story with KAPDAA, the UK-based textiles business turning our offcuts into luxury trinkets:

KAPDAA notebook

“The Scotch Whisky Experience – which offers tours and hospitality to wanderers from around the world – has partnered with KAPDAA to inspire a new collection of upcycled gifts.

KAPDAA, the offcut company, is a UK-based textiles business that gives waste material a second lease of life as luxury trinkets.

The partnership will see SWE repurpose items no longer in use, starting with a new line of notebooks made from recycled kilts.

Operations Director Angela Dineen said: “​​We are doing our best to source local, sustainable products for our shop and KAPDAA allowed us to create something bespoke from items we would no longer have been using.

“We loved the ethos of KAPDAA and the story we could tell about the development of a product which was so unique to us.

“We had a pile of kilts which were no longer being worn and KAPDAA provided us with the inspiration to breathe new life into the material by creating these new notebooks – a bit like the whisky industry reusing casks for maturation we could see there was value in something someone else could no longer use.”

Staying true to its name, the Scotch Whisky Experience partners with local producers of quality products related to Scotch whisky directly, or that are inspired by whisky and the Scottish landscape.

KAPDAA notebooks

The new collections will help the company expand as it builds back from the lockdowns, while maintaining a commitment to ethical production.

Nish Parekh, founder of KAPDAA, said: “We are excited to work with the Scotch Whisky Experience as they look to expand their operations.

“The passion driving these experiences is something we can really get behind. SWE is always finding new ways to share their story with the world, and we’re glad to be a part of that.

“From this partnership, we also hope to show that ‘sustainability’ is not limited to the world of fashion. All businesses can make sustainable choices to enhance the experience they offer to customers.”

Angela added: “I think, generally, everyone is more aware of the crisis the planet is experiencing and we are striving to keep sustainability at the forefront of our decision-making process.

“We can see what can be done and what it means to be a sustainable business by the example KAPDAA set.

“This has given us the confidence to challenge our other suppliers to raise their game to ensure that we all do our bit to become more sustainable.“