Whisky Movie Night

Today (August 18 2023) marks the first day of the Edinburgh International Film Festival! Running for six days, from the 18-23 August, the program is packed with exceptional work from both local and international film makers. You can find out all you need to know here.

In celebration of this event we thought we’d put together a list of some Scotch whisky related movies and documentaries for you to get your teeth into at home.

Sense of Scotland Room

Whisky Galore (1949 & 2016)

This brilliant movie is a nice little look into the history of Scotch whisky in the mid20th century. Set during World War II, the tiny (fictional) Scottish island of Todday runs out of whisky. When, fortuitously, the freighter S.S. Cabinet Minister runs aground nearby during heavy fog, the islanders are over-the-moon to discover the boat’s cargo consists of 50,000 cases of whisky! But when the overbearing commanding officer Captain Wagget demands the return of the bottles, the islanders set about spearheading a rebellion.

Originally a popular novel by Compton Mackenzie based on a true story, it was then made into an Ealing comedy film in 1949, before being re-made in 2016 into a brilliant movie which shows off the beauty of Scotland.

Angel’s Share (2012)

Beginning in the Glasgow City Courthouse, young offender, Robbie, promises to straighten his life out – not just for his own benefit but also for his pregnant partner. Sentenced to community service along with a motley crew of young lawbreakers, the gang are supervised by Harry, who is somewhat of a whisky connoisseur. Before you know it the misfits are introduced into the fragrant world of Scotch whisky, where, rather unexpectedly, Robbie finds he has the nose and knack for expensive whiskies. Plunged into the vast world of the ‘the water of life’ the group get up to all sorts, ending up with each of them starting a new life.

Did you know that the term ‘the angle’s share’ actually relates to the amount of whisky that is lost to evaporation during the maturation stage. With the whisky evaporating up to the heavens, it was dubbed ‘the angel’s share’.

Scotch: The Golden Dram

This feature-length documentary captured not only the incredible Scottish landscapes, but also the heart of the fascinating people who make Scotch whisky all that it is. Exploring some of the stories behind the biggest names in the industry, the documentary is led by renowned distiller and master blender, Jim McEwan who uses his 50 plus years in the industry to take you through the process and the people, who they are, their personal histories, how they came to immerse themselves in the art and science of making whisky and their drive for perfection.

Full of faces from throughout the whole Scotch whisky industry, this is a great watch. Keep an out as well for a familiar Scotch Whisky Experience face and a very distinct whisky collection!!

Now grab a dram and enjoy some of these fantastic titles.

Slàinte mhath folks!