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Regional Whisky & Chocolate Tasting

Whisky & Chocolate - the perfect match

Your guests will be guided through a virtual (online), tutored tasting by one of our whisky experts from our Edinburgh home at The Scotch Whisky Experience, with the backdrop of the world’s largest and most beautiful Scotch whisky collection. Tasting packs will be delivered to the guests' addresses prior to the event.  

Our Scotch whisky tasting packs include all the elements to unlock the secrets of Scotch and delve into the flavours and stories behind Scotland’s most famous product. We will begin with our aroma card, introducing the flavours to be found in our whiskies, getting the senses attuned, ready for the tasting.  

Three specially selected single malts will be chosen to represent the widest flavours and variety from the world of Scotch whisky. Travelling from the rugged Scottish Highlands to the gentle Spey valley and finishing in Scotland’s “wild west” on the Isle of Islay. Guests will savour their drams in our Glencairn crystal tasting glass – the ideal shape for learning about the five steps to nosing and tasting Scotch whisky. A tasting guide and a distillery map of Scotland will help guests navigate both the country and the whiskies.  

To top the tasting off, we have included artisan chocolates specially created to complement and enhance the flavours of our selected single malts. These include dark chocolate and honeycomb to match with your Highland malt, orange and lemon to pair with your Island malt and milk chocolate, sea salt and caramel to enjoy with your Speyside malt.  

The tasting will be delivered virtually over zoom and will be fun and interactive with full participation from the guests, sharing their views, perceptions and of course questions. 

virtual whisky & chocolate tasting

• 3 regional single malt 5cl miniatures
• Glencairn crystal tasting glass
• Distillery map of Scotland
• Aroma card
• Artisan chocolates
• Tasting guide (with your logo if participating in a corporate tasting)
• Zoom tasting hosted from the Scotch Whisky Experience (suggested duration 1 hour)

Exclusive to our tastings
• Specially developed sensory aroma card
• Hosted virtually from the world’s largest Scotch whisky collection
• Expert team knowledgeable in the whole world of Scotch whisky
• Choice of a huge range of whiskies for bespoke options
• Tasting team led by our whisky experts, Masters and Keepers of the Quaich

£37 inc VATpp plus delivery costs.