The Drinks Bakery

This months ‘Meet our Maker’ is The Drinks Bakery. The Drinks Bakery creates a range of award-winning savoury, deliciously rich, crumbly Drinks Biscuits that are expertly flavour profiled to match great drinks such as craft beer, fine wines, gin, and of course whisky. They’re a more thoughtful, premium snack for a more discerning and brand aware audience and an alternative to the usual crisps and nuts.

Drinks Bakery employee with boxes of Drinks Bakery biscuits.
Drinks Bakery biscuits with Glengoyne whisky

Developed by Andy Murray who grew up in a food and drink obsessed family, he passionately believes that every great drink, deserves a great snack. He says: “My parents were pioneering the term ‘foodies’ before it was cool back in the 70s and 80s. They threw us in the back of a VW camper van every summer and we travelled around Europe for weeks at a time following our noses for great food and drink.” Collecting inspiration from amazing brasseries, markets and wineries across Europe instilled Andy’s passion. Baking since the age of 10, Andy was a decent cook by 14, and wine qualified at 19 years old, a huge fan of craft drinks and independent craft brands, he was thrilled to see the sector explode from 2000 to 2015. He always thought the big snack brands would jump at the chance to bring the common snack closer to the world of craft drinks and was surprised that this did not seem to happen.

Drinks Bakery biscuits with red wine glass

Andy’s Mum used to make snacks that were more thoughtful and discerning and made to match an aperitif and with this, The Drinks Bakery was born. He thought deeply about the best flavours that would pair and balance with the great drinks in his drink’s cabinet – The Drinks Bakery flavours include:

Parmesan, toasted pine nuts and basil – A classic Italian flavour combination. A Highland whisky with a slight sweetness and herbal note pairs brilliantly with this Drinks Bakery biscuit.

Mature cheddar, chilli and almond – A bearhug of a savoury biscuit. A Peaty, smoky whisky is the one to try with this one.

Pecorino, rosemary and Scottish seaweed – A dynamic trio. Andy recommends a premium gin to go with this flavour of Drinks Bakery biscuit.

Lancashire cheese and spring onion – Ploughmans with a kick. Best enjoyed with a Speyside cask finished whisky.

Drinks bakery biscuits, Glenfiddich whisky

The Drinks Bakery has won a number of awards from ‘Best new product’ Made in Scotland Awards in 2019, to the winners of Scotland Food and Drink Excellence Awards also in 2019.

Here at The Scotch Whisky Experience, we are delighted to be stockists of The Drinks Bakery Biscuits.

Of course, it’s not just whisky that these wonderfully flavoursome Drinks Bakery biscuits match with. These unique savoury snacks are expertly flavour profiled to match great drinks from around the world.

Images kindly supplied by The Drinks Bakery.