The Clydeside Distillery

Traceability from field to glass

The Clydeside Distillery whisky stills and building

Meaning – On the banks of the River Clyde.

Our interesting fact! –
The old Pumphouse building, which now houses our Visitor Centre, was constructed with the help of our Founder’s ancestor Mr John Morrison. John also helped in raising Loch Katrine, the source of the pure soft water for our single malt whisky today. The Morrison family’s connections to the River Clyde and its docks came full circle with construction of the Clydeside in 2017.


Eco & Sustainability

The Clydeside Distillery pride themselves on working with Scottish companies who are dedicated to following sustainable practices. They use local Scottish suppliers for many of their café menu items and retail products. From the delicious ‘Taste of Scotland Platter showcasing the best of Scottish Cheese and Charcuterie, to the locally hand crafted chocolates made by Sugarsnap used in their daily Chocolate and Whisky Tour.

As well as The Visitor Centre, the Distillery celebrates its relationship with the Clydeside Growers Group, consisting of 4 local Scottish farms who grow barley for them, highlighting clear traceability from field to glass. Clydeside pride themselves on championing sustainability as seen in their mashing process. This produces approx. 1.45 tonne of wet draff which is removed at the end of each mash and sent to an anaerobic digestion plant – enough to generate gas for 100 average size houses a year!