June's Whiskies of the Month - Whisky by the Waves

As the sun lingers long into the evening and we don our best beachwear for days by the shore, this month we’re diving into maritime malts that are sure to tantalize your taste buds! Join us in celebrating the season with these coastal-crafted whiskies that perfectly capture the essence of seaside relaxation. Indulge in these flavours that are as refreshing and invigorating as an ocean breeze!

Six bottles of whisky pictured on a two toned light and dark blue background, surrounded by sea shells.
Bottle of Aerstone Sea Cask pictured on a two tone background of light and dark blue, surrounded by sea shells.

Aerstone Sea Cask

Carefully aged for over a decade in warehouses nestled on the rugged Ayrshire coast of Scotland, Sea Cask whisky embodies the spirit of the sea. These seaside warehouses impart a unique character to the whisky, resulting in a smooth, richly flavoured dram with a tantalizing hint of sea salt. Perfect enjoyed by the water alongside some freshly shucked oysters, or Amber restaurant’s seafood platter, experience the essence of the ocean in every sip of this exceptional whisky.

Bottle o Old Pulteney 12 year old pictured on a light blue background, surrounded by sea shells.

Old Pulteney 12 year old

Distilled and matured by the sea, Old Pulteney casks breathe in the invigorating sea air year after year, imbuing the whisky with an unmistakable coastal character. This rich and vibrant single malt masterfully blends the distinctive salty flavours of the ocean with the sweetness imparted by American oak, creating a truly classic dram. Enjoy alongside some venison surf and turf with venison from Simpson Game, whose wild, seasonal venison is managed from sustainable stock on the best estates making a perfect tribute to the dual nature of this exceptional spirit.

Bottle of Inchgower 14 year old pictured on a two toned, dark and light blue background, surrounded by sea shells.

Inchgower 14 year old

Nestled just outside the charming fishing port of Buckie, Inchgower stands proudly with its defiantly coastal style of single malt. Renowned for its unparalleled intensity, no other new make matches its bold, spicy character that tantalizes the tongue with a distinctive salinity. Perfectly paired with Steelhead Trout
from Kames in Oban or crab tacos, Inchgower shines when enjoyed with seafood delicacies. For those with a sweet tooth, why not try it with a decadent chocolate orange mousse.

Bottle of Bowmore 15 year old pictured on a light blue background, surrounded by sea shells.

Bowmore 15 year old

Amid the wild beauty of Islay, where fierce seas meet Hebridean winds, Bowmore whisky has been handcrafted since 1779. In the legendary No. 1 Vaults, an old stone warehouse perched on the edge of Loch Indaal, the magical essence of Islay and centuries of tradition converge. Here, patience and artistry come together to produce a whisky celebrated for its complex balance: mild Islay smokiness, maritime minerality, and an abundance of fresh stone fruit notes.
Perfect enjoyed alongside dark chocolate, brisket or pulled pork, chocolate cupcakes or Tiramisu.

Bottle of Cutty Sark Prohibition pictured on a two toned, dark and light blue background, surrounded by sea shells.

Cutty Sark Prohibition

Set sail on a whisky adventure with Cutty Sark’s Prohibition blended Scotch whisky. This bolder rendition, bottled at a robust 50% ABV, is a tribute to the legendary Captain William McCoy, the renowned rumrunner of the Prohibition era.
Dive into the rich history of this daring time as you savour the exceptional blend that honours clandestine spirits and fearless adventures. Whether enjoyed neat or with a mixer, embrace the intensity and character that define Cutty Sark’s Prohibition edition. Let each sip take you back to an era of maritime legends and seafaring escapades, where boldness was a way of life.
This whisky pairs beautifully with cured meats like our Amber restaurant’s venison chorizo and salami
from Great Glen Charcuterie in Roy Bridge. The richness of the meat will perfectly complement the whisky’s fruity and spicy character, creating a harmonious and delectable combination.

Bottle of Ardbeg Anthology, The Harpy's Tale 13 year old on a light blue background, surrounded by sea shells.

Ardbeg Anthology - The Harpy's Tale

The Ardbeg Anthology Collection draws you into tales of unbelievable encounters, inspired by the strangest creatures said to haunt Islay. The Harpy’s Tale, a legendary edition and a first for the Distillery, takes inspiration from the seldom-seen Harpy—a winged beast rumoured to inhabit Islay.
After over a decade in the cask, the smoky essence soars into a sweet crescendo, with Ardbeg’s unmistakable character wrestling with the rich influence of the Sauternes casks.
Pair the Harpy’s Tale 13-year-old whisky with rich blue cheese like our Blue Murder cheese
from Highland Fine Cheeses in Tain.  The creamy, tangy cheese harmonizes with the whisky’s smoky, sweet complexity. Alternatively, try dark chocolate truffles with sea salt; the bitterness and saltiness enhance the whisky’s depth and sweetness for an exquisite tasting experience.