“Darach is the Gaelic word for ‘oak’.  Every single Darach product is hand made in Inverness from vintage oak whisky barrels, sourced from Highland and Speyside distilleries.  Each unique piece is a blend of tradition, durability, beauty and fine design.”

Darach employees and barrels

We are absolutely delighted to introduce Darach in the Meet our Makers series.  A small, family run company based in Inverness, the capital of the Scottish Highlands.  Mairi, Tony and Gordon take great pride in creating quality furniture and gorgeous gifts from vintage oak whisky barrels.

Each barrel has already played a vital role for Scotch whisky before it arrives at the Darach workshop.  The team then breathes new life into the old casks through their stunning range of beautiful, unusual and functional pieces.  Just as each stave, lid and hoop is different, no two Darach pieces are the same.  The team is dedicated to maintaining the character of the wood, reflecting any scars, fissures and other rustic features of the original barrel.

Darach items are great conversation pieces.  So, if you are looking for some whisky inspired giftware then look no further.  We are thrilled to be stockists of the Darach range and share their passion for the craftmanship and quality of each of their products.

Whisky stave with 4 glasses