Coco Chocolatier

This month, our Meet our Makers series focuses on Coco Chocolatier, an artisan chocolatier based here in Edinburgh. We absolutely love their products and packaging, read on to find out more…

Coco Chocolatier chocolate bars and boxes
Calum Haggerty, Coco Chocolatier

Calum Haggerty, Director                                           ©

Coco meticulously crafts their portfolio of contemporary chocolate with the world’s finest Colombian cocoa, before enveloping them in original designs by independent artists. The creative team of chocolatiers produce gourmet chocolate that are themselves works of art which you can see here in their stunningly designed packaging.

Cocoa beans


Coco source the product at origin– high quality chocolate buttons from Colombia and use it to create chocolate products in their Edinburgh kitchen. Challenging industry norms, which would suggest going into origin and purchasing the raw commodity at a much lower cost, Coco decided to work with their Colombian partners to source their cacao and have the product more finished at origin before it reaches their Edinburgh kitchen.

Once the cacao has passed meticulous quality checks, it is taken to Coco’s partner’s facility in Bogotá, where the chocolate beans are made into couverture. In addition to sourcing the product at origin, they contribute to teaching local farmers how best to cultivate their land and get more from their yield – which includes showing them grafting techniques and accurate methods of fermentation. In doing so, Coco is proud to contribute to Colombia’s
economy, creating legal jobs that allow local workers to make a steady income.

Over the years Coco have collaborated with a number of contemporary artists from all over the world (including Sir Billy Connolly, Timorous Beasties, Atelier Bingo, William LaChance, Tom Pigeon, and many more). They commission bespoke designs that are used as wrappers for their chocolates. This allows the products to look unique, and simultaneously provides a platform for artists to showcase their work to an audience that may have never come
across their art before.

Painter ,Coco Chocolatier


We personally love Coco’s approach and we’ve chosen some brilliant bars and gift boxes which match our whiskies and make that gift of a bottle of single malt all the more special. Coco’s Isle of Skye sea salt caramel truffles also feature in our newly launched Lockdown Valentine’s Whisky box this month.