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Angels’ Share Glass was founded in 2013 by Dad and Daughter team Tom Young MBE and Daughter Karen Somerville (Young).

They both have a passion for whisky and glass and so whilst watching the film ‘The Angels’ Share’, they decided to create an icon made in glass that sealed whisky away like the angels’ share. During its maturation it is expected that almost 2% of whisky is lost from the oak cask and like the angels’ share no one ever gets it back! Their glass whisky filled angels represent the legend perfectly.

Their concepts grew from the whisky filled angels to innovative glass water pipettes and beautiful glassware, developed to supply some of the leading brands in the whisky industry.

Their team of specialist glassblowers and master craftsmen, manufacture all their glassware in Scotland. Using traditional flamework and unique designing.

Angels' Share Glass

Tom, a master glassblower also designed the spirit bowls seen in many distillery spirit safes across Scotland. Karen also has her passion firmly in the whisky sense and also co-runs the very successful, Fife Whisky Festival. The company, almost in its tenth year, has worked with some of the biggest brands in whisky and continues to innovate, make and design truly spectacular handmade glass. A true family business, the team are immersed in every aspect of delivering a truly Scottish product to the global markets. Gifting at its finest.

Now, as we come into the festive season their award-winning gifting range includes hand filled whisky and gin baubles to hang on your tree.

Here at The Scotch Whisky Experience, we sell the Angels’ Share Glass whisky bauble – a gorgeous addition to any whisky lover’s tree! This hand blown glass bauble is filled with Speyside single malt Scotch whisky. Hang it temptingly on your tree or pop the cork and enjoy a festive dram. The best thing is the bauble can be refilled with a whisky of your choice, again and again. Each bauble is tied with a ribbon to hang from your tree.

To purchase an Angels’ Share Glass whisky bauble click here.

Images kindly supplied by Angels’ Share Glass.