Strathisla Distillery

Single use plastic

Strathisla Distillery

Pronounced – Strath-EYE-la
Meaning – 
Wide valley of the River Isla.
Our interesting fact!
 One of Scotland’s most picturesque distilleries, Strathisla is unique in having two pagoda roofed kilns and a waterwheel.

Eco & Sustainability

100% of Strathisla’s electricity is renewable from wind and Hydro in Scotland. They use energy efficient lighting and controls throughout the distillery. Strathisla share resources with Glen Keith Distillery – they reuse the steam from their Stills and they also fill casks with spirit. Their distillery draff goes to the animal plant in Rothes and it is processed into animal pellets or energy.

Half barrels with beautiful plant displays are in their cobbled courtyard and outdoor furniture is made from an old washback. Strathisla Garden is a haven for insects and wildlife and the river supports an array of fish, mammal and bird species such as otters, dippers and herons.

They have a corporate commitment for zero single use plastic in point of sale. They are plastic free, with no straws, carrier bags, or plastic packaging used in postage – environmentally friendly packaging is used. Tourists who travel to the distillery by public transport receive a 10% refund on the ticket price.

Zetol drivers packs are given out for free to visitors on high end tours and charged at cost + VAT to other guests. At the distillery, visitors are encouraged to refill their water bottles on site and empty whisky bottles are used as hand sanitiser dispensers. Compostable coffee pods from ‘Halo’ are used and any food waste which is created from cocktails is composted. Prior to Covid, there was a company car sharing policy and there is a company cycle to work scheme.

Within the community, they support the Great Keith Show, showing loyalty to and engaging with local farmers. A Responsib’All Day which is dedicated to sustainability and responsibility is held in St. Rufus Park in Keith. Company volunteer days with the local primary school and vulnerable groups are also held as well as litter picking days on Findhorn beach and they participate in and are members of the Speyside Whisky Festival.

Environmental projects

The salmon ladder lynn falls and under bridge –  Isla and Deveron Water authority. The Deveron, Bogie and Isla Rivers Trust whereby those who are successful at catching a salmon and return it are rewarded with a bottle of whisky.