Glengoyne Distillery

Geese and wetlands

Warehouse and beehives with sunlight and mountains in the background

Pronounced – glen-GOYN
Meaning – 
Valley of the wild geese
Our interesting fact! – 
Glengoyne is distilled slower than any other Single Malt Scotch Whisky. The spirit trickles from the stills at about one third of the normal rate.

Eco & Sustainability – Reflecting their deliberately slow way of making whisky; the philosophy applies to the whole Glengoyne journey. After distillation, the liquid which is not needed (spent lees) is treated in their very own wetlands. The liquid makes its way through a series of twelve pools; each is thick with reed beds. This slows down the flow and removes anything that would harm the delicate balance of the local burn. The water is then safe to rejoin the burn, which winds its way into the river and on to Loch Lomond. Less waste. Less energy. More wildlife. The wetlands cut our waste by around 25% – and because the process uses gravity, it only takes a 1.5KW pump to send the spent lees on their way.
The wetlands are excellent for biodiversity too. They’re home to around 14,500 plants of 20 varieties – attracting songbirds, dragonflies and lots of other wildlife. As a partner of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT). Glengoyne have created personalised bottles and hosted joint events – and help to promote the ways that wetlands can be at the centre of environmental policy. A perfect partnership for the “valley of the wild geese”.
The distillery is also home to bee hives supporting the charity Plan Bee.