Aberlour Distillery

1000’s of salmon released

Aberlour Distillery Warehouse

Pronounced: Aber – LOUR
Mouth of the chattering Burn
Our interesting fact! 
Aberlour Single Malt is the biggest selling Single Malt Scotch Whisky in France.

Eco & Sustainability

100% of Aberlour’s electricity is renewable from wind and Hydro in Scotland. Their Stills use TVR heat recovery. Casks are used as planters and display items on-site and all barley used is grown locally. Their draff goes either directly to farms or to animal feed plants.

Zetol driver packs are given out for free on high end tours or are charged at cost +VAT to other guests. They have a corporate commitment for zero single use plastic in point of sale and are trialling recyclable/compostable bottle wrapping in the shop. There is a company cycle to work scheme and prior to Covid a company car sharing policy.

Each year a Responsib’ALL Day which is dedicated to sustainability and responsibility is held where they collaborate with local partners on a wide variety of community projects.

Environmental projects

Aberlour helped the Spey Fisheries Board release 1,000’s of Salmon Par in the Lour Burn recently.