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International Scotch Day

CJW 2212What is International Scotch Day?

International Scotch Day falls on 8th February every year. It’s a global celebration of Scotch whisky, and anyone (who’s over the legal drinking age in their country) can get involved by sharing their Scotch whisky drams, stories and messages using the hashtag #InternationalScotchDay.

For over five centuries, Scotch whisky has drawn people together and that rich history, heritage, and culture means that every bottle holds the promise of new experience and discovery for experts and newcomers alike…

2019’s International Scotch Day saw the launch of the Scotch Whisky Experience’s campaign ‘The Bottle I Never Opened’, inviting members of the global Scotch whisky community to share their stories of a special bottle from their collection - and why that bottle holds a special place in their heart.

Find out more about the campaign here.