Tour Experiences

Your sensational journey into the world of Scotch whisky begins here!
  • The Silver Tour

    The perfect introduction to the world of whisky. Available all day, every day.

    Become a 'one-hour-whisky-expert' as our guides impart their expertise, culminating in a tasting in our stunning whisky collection.

    50 minutes
    Standard price: £14.00
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  • The Gold Tour

    Upgrade to our members club, and get four additional whiskies - Available all day, every day.

    After enjoying a full silver tour, you'll compare and contrast four regional single malts whilst relaxing in our beautiful McIntyre Gallery.

    70 - 90 minutes
    Standard price: £24.50
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  • The Platinum Tour

    A taste of luxury with our in-depth evening tour

    Booking is recommended for our luxurious evening tour, which includes a comparative whisky tasting, and an extended collection viewing.

    90 minutes
    Standard price: £30.00
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  • The Taste of Scotland

    Scotch Whisky meets Scottish cuisine

    This ultimate experience combines our Platinum tour with a sumptuous seasonal Scottish tasting menu in our award-winning Amber restaurant.

    Approx 3 hours
    Standard price: £60.00
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  • Educational Tours

    Suitable for school and student groups of 20+

    Find out all about our business and how it has developed and diversified over the years.

    50 minutes
    Standard price: £14.00
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  • Morning Masterclass

    An in-depth tour for whisky enthusiasts

    If you have an existing love of whisky, our Morning Masterclass is the perfect opportunity to further develop your skills.

    90 minutes
    Standard price: £40.00
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  • Whisky Enlightenment Tour

    Our exclusive evening tour: November 30 to December 24 only

    1 hour
    Standard price: £15.00
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