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Whisky Tastings - virtual and onsite

Virtual Whisky Tasting Events (on zoom) now available!

Only one thing rivals our expertise in hospitality, and that’s our knowledge of whisky.

Virtual whisky tastings

We are delighted to launch our Virtual Whisky Tasting Events (on zoom). We have two packages currently on offer for groups, our Virtual Christmas Whisky Tasting Event and our Virtual Regions & Chocolate Tasting Event. We also have packages available for individuals to sign up to virtual tastings. Please see the links to find out more!

On-site tastings (Please see our Covid-19 information on what we are offering on-site just now)

Your experienced tutor will soon have you nosing like an expert as you compare four contrasting malts to discern their unique characteristics. Tasting formats are endless and we can even tailor one specifically to your event.

Or you could splash out - without spilling a drop of course - on a ‘Blend Your Own’ session. You’ll step into the shoes of a Master Blender and create your own whisky to bottle and treasure forever - or until the temptation to sample it becomes too great.

Please be aware that Whisky tasting and blending sessions are a group activity for 10 people and above. For individuals or smaller groups, all of our Whisky Tour Experiences contain a guided tasting of Scotch whisky. Our experts tour, the Morning Masterclass may be particularly suitable.

Should you wish to organise a very special bespoke tasting for less than 10, this can be arranged but will be based on a minimum charge for 10.

Silver tour plus tos square
The Whisky Collection
Your private tasting comes with an optional complimentary silver tour, complete with a tasting in our iconic Whisky Collection