The Whisky Sauce Company

The Whisky Sauce Company - pancakes and raspberries.
Three jars from The Whisky Sauce Co.

The Whisky Sauce Company started life in Dundee over 10 years ago, founded by local businessman Scott Carnegie and his brother Grant. The Carnegie brothers wanted to bring a Scottish twist to everyday condiments and their addition of malt whisky to every batch of sauces they made did just that.  In early 2019, the company was bought over by Lindsey Anderson, owner of Fife-based The Little Herb Farm. Production of the sauces was moved to her facility near St Andrews. Lindsey and her team adapted the sauces and introduced three new condiments to the range; malt whisky marmalademalt whisky raspberry jam and a delicious malt whisky caramel sauce (which has become the team’s favourite!).

Hot dog and Scotch Barbecue Sauce

There are six flavours of sauce in the range – 3 sweet and 3 savoury. The applications of the sauces are endless. Having haggis for tea? Then why not try it with the original whisky sauce. Having pancakes? Then add a slug of whisky syrup to make it really special. Ice-cream is transformed with whisky chocolate sauce or malt whisky caramel sauce. Fancy a salad? Then why not add a drizzle of whisky balsamic dressing. Finally add a dollop of whisky BBQ to your sausage or bacon roll!  

Whisky Sauce Company employee

The Whisky Sauce team are always trying to come up with new ideas and right now are working on a new whisky chipotle glaze which is the perfect accompaniment to any BBQ afternoon or Mexican evening. Recipes and ideas on how to use the Whisky Sauce company products can be found on their website

At the Scotch Whisky Experience we sell the full range of sauces and condiments, you can find them by clicking on the links above and on our condiments and jams page.

Images kindly supplied by The Whisky Sauce Company/The Little Herb Farm.