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Whisky Bar

Over 400 Whiskies on offer

We have nearly 450 whiskies for sale, including single malt, blended, single grain and Whisky liqueurs, representing 96% of the brand names in the whisky industry. Our single malts are from the five main whisky regions - Lowlands, Highlands, Speyside, Campbeltown and Islay.

Please email if you would like to enquire about booking a table at our Whisky Bar.

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Deepen your whisky knowledge

No other whisky bar takes their patrons from whisky novice to whisky devotee the way Amber does. Our bar is illuminated for superior observation. Our welcoming and highly trained advisors are on hand to help drinkers find a dram that is perfect for them, and this personal element can be supplemented by distillery information provided via a touch screen (translated into 20 languages). Whisky can also be expertly paired with our renowned Scottish tapas if desired.

Adding to their wealth of previous industry experience, our whisky advisors receive a great deal of training on an ongoing basis. This includes our industry recognised Scotch Whisky Training School, educational visits to Glenkinchie and North British distilleries, and the opportunity to attend staff tastings on a weekly basis.

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Whiskies of the Month

Not sure what to try? We curate a special selection of Scotch whiskies each month from our extensive menu. It includes single malts from the five key regions, whisky liqueur, a blended Scotch and a luxury whisky if you're feeling indulgent. We often have rare or limited bottlings on this list, and new releases on occasion. 

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Whisky and cheese matching

Whisky and food are perfect partners, and Scotland's national drink goes particularly well with the flavoursome, mouth-coating qualities of cheese. Renowned Edinburgh cheesemonger Iain Mellis' superb range of Scottish artisan cheeses are the perfect partner for our 422+ selection of Scotch whiskies, and they look very much at home in our superb purpose built cheese cabinet.

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