Lochlea Distillery

Less road miles

Lochlea Distillery and barrels

Pronunciation: Loch-lee

Meaning: Lochlea means “Loch by the green place”, or “Loch by the grassland”.

Interesting Fact! Robert Burns lived and worked on the farm from 1777 – 1784. It was rented by his father, and Rabbie was here from the ages of 18 – 25. We also grow 100% of the barley used for our whiskies on the farm, and every cask is matured in our own on-site warehouses.

Eco & Sustainability

Given that we do the vast majority of the production/maturation on site, our product covers less road miles when being produced. Our warehouses are outfitted with solar panels on the roof which provide electricity to the distillery. We also have a reed bed system to filter waste from our spirit still naturally back into the waterways. Draff from the mash tun is used to feed local cattle, and in return we get muck from the cows to help fertilise the fields. In the autumn and winter months, we plant cover crops on the land to maintain the soil. These crops are not harvested but eaten by sheep that are put on the fields to prepare the earth for the next barley crop. Given that our bottles are square in shape, they fit more efficiently into a case, taking up less space in transport. We also do not use extra glass on the bottom of the bottle which again saves on space and weight.