Global Movie Day! Saturday 10th February

The Oscars are nearly upon us and as part of the build-up of excitement this Saturday is Global Movie Day. A day for everyone to enjoy a film, celebrate their favourites, and possible relax with a chic whisky cocktail, or a dram in front of the screen.

Global Movie Day, 3 bottles of whisky with their boxes, a quaich full of popcorn and a dram of whisky in a glass.

For a perfect movie-watching experience, you need a perfect setting – and what could be better than in the comfort of your own home, lights off with an elegant whisky cocktail or a dram of Scotch whisky in hand? But with so many different whiskies and movie genres, where do you start?

We asked our team to come up with some whisky movie puns! We had a lot of laughs receiving all the answers that we thought we really ought to share some of them with you.

Here are some of our favourites from out shortlist.  The best team puns won tickets to the movies!

Lochleally Blonde

Glengoyne with the Wind

The Silence of the Drams


Duncan Taylor Soldier Spy

Requiem for a Dram

The Lord of the Rings the Return of the Spice King

The Princess and Laphroaig

Arran Brockovich

Macallan Partrige: Alpha Pappa

Isle of Skyefall

The Great E-Scapa

Isle of Harris Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Cane

Blend it like Beckham

7 Dramarai

Barley and Me

Balblair Witch Project

The Good the Badachro and the Ugly

McCallan Me By Your Name


Dalwhinnie the Pooh

Glenlivet Let Die

True Grist