Festive Drams

Our team have adorned their festive hats and put their heads together to compile this delicious list of whiskies, all with a Christmas twist.

All of these whiskies are available by the dram in our McIntyre Bar, Amber Bar or by the bottle in our Scotch whisky shop.

Bottles of Christmas themed whiskies with a Christmas tree in the background.
Bottle of Lindores Abbey in festive scene

Lindores Abbey Sherry “Cask of Lindores”

Lindores Abbey, located in Fife, overlooking the estuary of the River Tay, was founded in 1191 by David Earl of Huntingdon, built on land gifted to him by his brother King William I. In the Middle Ages, it was believed by many rich and powerful men, that founding religious houses would win them great honour in heaven. For the Earl of Huntingdon, however, the story runs a little deeper. As he was returning home from the Holy Land, his ship was caught in a storm, it’s said that he vowed to build a large church in honour of the Blessed Virgin (the Virgin Mary) if he survived the drowning.

Sherry cask matured whiskies are perfect for the colder weather with their warming notes of Christmas spice!

Best paired with chocolates, sweet and spicy notes complement the bitterness of dark chocolate well. Try with a strawberry cream to enhance the fruity notes found in the Lindores spirit!

Bottle of Highland Park 15yo in festive scene

Highland Park 15yo

In the far north of Scotland, on the island of Orkney, the town of Kirkwall has an unusual festive tradition. Every year on Christmas Day and New Years Day, the town hosts the Ba’ Game, known locally as “The Ba’”. The whole town descends on the street to take part in a mass football-style game, where they divide into two teams (uppies and doonies), each team trying to get the ball to their designated goal.

Should you be lucky enough to be named man of the match, you have the honour of hosting celebrations at your house for all family and friends, and what better dram to serve than the local Highland Park!

Pair with a seafood starter. The gentle peat smoke of Highland Park perfectly complements the oiliness of salmon or the delicate nature of a prawn cocktail whilst enhancing a subtle sea salty note.

Bottle of Glenfiddich 18yo in festive scene

Glenfiddich 18yo

The founder of Glenfiddich, William Grant, spent twenty years dreaming of the day he would make the ‘best dram in the valley’. Together with his nine children and only one mason they built the distillery, and on Christmas Day 1887, his vision came true as the first spirit flowed from their copper pot stills. Today, the award-winning Glenfiddich is one of the most decorated Scotch whiskies in the world.

Whisky is also a great baking ingredient, so why not try adding a splash to the icing on your cake for a rich and fruity twist! This works best with a traditional Victoria sponge cake and is perfect for the whole of the festive period! Discover more delicious whisky bakes in on our blog here.

A bottle of Big Peat Christmas Edition in a festive scene

Big Peat (Christmas edition)

On the remote island of Islay you will find a slightly different Christmas tradition, as a small horned beast lurks in the dark. The local children are warned that if they are not on their best behaviour then Crom Dubh na Nollaig (translated to the Dark Crooked One of Christmas) could pay them a visit. Parents will tell their children that the sound of wind whistling down the chimney is the cries of the Crom Dubh na Nollaig, so there is no surprise that the kids on Islay are very well-behaved.

Every year Douglas Laing masterfully blend Islay whiskies to create the Big Peat Christmas edition! This deliciously peaty blended malt makes a perfect addition to any winter warmer, so why not spice up your next hot chocolate by adding 25ml of Big Peat for a smoky twist!

Bottle of Edradour Cream whisky with a festive scene

Edradour Cream Liqueur

Few things say ‘Christmas’ quite like enjoying a delicious cream liqueur!

Enjoyed best when the day’s celebrations are coming to a close, this rich and creamy liqueur makes for the perfect end to a festive day! Pair at home with Christmas cake for a beautifully decadent festive dessert.

A bottle of Glenmorangie Signet in a festive scene

Glenmorangie Signet

A Christmas staple for many whisky lovers, this dram is reminiscent of a classic British treat – the chocolate orange.

Begin your Christmas dinner with this decadent dram! This is sure to start a conversation and give a warm welcome to guests!