Bruichladdich Distillery

B-Corp Distilling

Bruichladdich Distillery

Pronounced – Broo-ich-LAH-dee

Meaning – Brae by the shore

Interesting fact: The distillery produces three different single malts – Bruichladdich sharing the name of the distillery itself, and also Octomore and Port Charlotte, both created to emulate the style of two long lost Islay “ghost distilleries”.  In each case a different style of barley and peating level is used, and the distilling and maturation are subtly changed to create very different characteristics in the whiskies.

Eco & Sustainability

A BCorp distillery, the Bruichladdich team consider themselves “Progressive Hebridean Distillers” .  Their philosophy is “a Victorian distillery re-imagined for the future”.

Their projects range from the land; biodynamic carbon-negative farming, water management, peatland restoration, to the people; everything possible is done onsite from warehousing to bottling giving 80 jobs to the local community and finally the planet; committed to decarbonizing the distillery by 2025 with revolutionary new bottles and packaging.

With too many projects to list, Bruichladdich’s website tells all the tales of the work they are doing on an iconic island for whisky’s past, present and future.

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