Ardnamurchan Distillery

Circular economy

Ardnamurchan Distillery with view of land and sea

Pronounced: Ard-na-murkan

Meaning: Headland of the Great Seas

Our Interesting Fact! A scannable QR code on the bottles gives consumers the ability to trace their purchases from barley field to bottle! Together with a certificate of authenticity, you can access online data telling the story of the whisky –­ from the field where barley was sourced to the individual who bottled it and the dates of production.

Eco & Sustainability

The first spirit was distilled in 2014 at Ardnamurchan Distillery. As a new distillery, the ethos of a circular economy could be built into the plans of the distillery, in fact due to the extremely remote location it’s a necessity! Power and heat requirements come from local renewables, and the river that provides the distillery’s cooling water has a hydro-electricity generator.  Like many distilleries the draff and pot-ale are combined to produce animal feed, which is all used on the peninsula itself.