The Glenlivet Distillery

The Livet Burn

Glenlivet Distillery

Pronounced: Glen-LIV-it
Meaning: Glen of the smooth place
Our interesting fact! Glenlivet was the first distillery to purchase a licence in 1824.

Eco & Sustainability

100% of electricity used at The Glenlivet is from wind and hydro power in Scotland. They also return the cooling water upstream from where it is first taken, to protect fishery habitats and water flow of the River Livet.

To reduce road miles they operate a company car sharing policy (prior to Covid) and have a company cycle to work scheme. They have a corporate commitment for zero single use plastic in point of sale.

Environmental projects

Environmental projects  include the Bothy Project which celebrates and welcomes guests to learn more about this heritage in relation to Glenlivet. The company is also working in close partnership with the National Trust for Scotland for archaeological excavations of illicit stills and stories relating to smuggling and cultural heritage of The Glenlivet and the illicit whisky trade from days gone by. This is bringing together archaeology, history and the stories and memories of the people from the local area.