Lindores Abbey Distillery

Continual improvement of the sustainability and efficiency

Lindores Abbey Distillery at night

Pronounced: LYNNE-doors Abbey 

Meaning: Church by the water 

Our interesting fact! Lindores is a family run business and are the biggest employer in their area. 

Eco & Sustainability

The monks who arrived at Lindores in 1191 from Kelso in the borders of Scotland, to build and populate the monastery, were Benedictines from the Order of Tiron, France, or Tironensians. Known for producing early Scotch whisky, they were also beepkeppers, and after an absence of over 500 years, bees were introduced back to the new Lindores Abbey Distillery in 2018 with 6 hives set up by the Holy Burn.  

Lindores Abbey Distillery, as custodians of the adjacent ruins of Lindores Abbey, has made a very sincere commitment to protect this important landmark for future generations and have a preservation society to help them to continue to preserve the abbey ruins and plant trees in the new orchard. 

The distillery itself is committed to the continual improvement of the sustainability and efficiency of their production processes. They’ve designed their processes and logistics with the environment in mind. With a strong focus on local suppliers and products, the barley used is grown in the fields surrounding the distillery. Draff from the mashing process is collected from the local farmer to feed the cattle,  

The specially shaped glass bottle is inspired by the ancient columns from the abbey and supplied without additional packaging to reduce waste.