Glen Scotia Distillery

Happy cows and buzzing bees

Glen Scotia Beehives and Beekeepers

At Glen Scotia 28 tonnes of malted barley is used per week, which results in the creation of 28 tonnes of draff to be divided between four different farms, all which are close to the distillery. Draff is a by-product of the whisky making process and contains no alcohol, nevertheless, this highly nutritious food stuff makes the local cattle very happy!

Three local farms receive 8.40 tonnes and one receives 2.80 tonnes. The draff is used as a cattle feed, both for dairy and beef cattle adding to their existing feeding requirements and reducing the need for expensive feed.  It also gives a local substitute which has proven nutritional values, whilst reusing a waste product and ultimately making sure none of the distillery draff ever goes to waste!

When you visit the distillery you’ll see that the maturing casks slumber to the buzz of 100,00 happy bees, adopted by Glen Scotia in association with the Scottish beekeepers at Plan Bee – an eco-innovation business that offers beehive adoption, management and educational services.  A visit to the Kintyre peninsula will treat you to a sight of stunning protected costal wildflowers enjoying the visit of the odd Glen Scotia bee!