LAUNCHED - SWE & Amber Christmas Packages 2021

Scottish Sling

Scottish sling detail
Lime Wheel

1 shot Ballantines
½ shot Briottet Gingembre
½ shot Giffard Rhubarbe
3 shots pressed apple juice
A dash of gomme
Lime wheel to garnish


  • Take the shaker glass and add to it, the Ballantines, Briottet Gingembre, Giffard Rhubarbe, pressed apple juice and gomme.
  • Add ice to the shaker and shake for 10 seconds
  • Fill your Collins glass with cubed ice
  • Single strain your liquid from the shaker, into the Collins glass
  • Prepare your lime wheel
  • Garnish with two long straws and the lime wheel on the lip of the glass.

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