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Whisky Cocktails

Whisky makes for an amazing cocktail spirit. Here's a selection of favourites from our resident mixologist.

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    2 Shots Scotch Whisky 6 wedges of Fresh Lime ¾ Shot Gomme

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    Hebridean Sunset

    1 Shot Scotch Whisky 1 Shot Grand Marnier ½ Shot Cointreau ½ Shot Lemon Juice 1½ Shots Orange Juice Dash of Grenadine

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    Thyme Well Spent

    lemon peel disc ½ shot thyme-infused sugar syrup 3 dashes rhubarb bitters 2 shots Highland Single malt

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    Scotch Manhattan

    2 Shots Scotch Whisky ½ Shot Dry Vermouth ½ Shot Sweet Vermouth Splash Grand Marnier (2 teaspoons)

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    Whisky Sour

    2 Shots of Scotch Whisky 1 Shot Lemon Juice ½ Shot Gomme Glug egg white (half a measure/couple of teaspoons)

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    Black Coffee Magic

    2 Shots Scotch Whisky 1 Shot Espresso (use 2 clicks of coffee to produce 1 espresso) ½ Shot Kahlua Trickle Gomme

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    Whisky Smash

    2 Shots Scotch Whisky 4 wedges of Fresh Lemon 4 fresh mint leaves ¾ Shot Gomme