LAUNCHED - SWE & Amber Christmas Packages 2021

The Whisky Bonds

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Maximum Capacity:
-2 (Sub-basement)
115 square metres

The versatile Whisky Bonds 1,2 and 3 can be used individually or together. With a maximum capacity of 120 for a reception, smaller numbers an also be catered for: 

Whisky Bond 1 - Banquet: 45
Whisky Bond 2 - Banquet: 24
Whisky Bond 1,2,3 - Banquet: 90

Whisky Bond 1 has built-in seating, stone walls adorned with whisky barrel artwork and large windows and doors providing a light and airy feeling. With direct access to Johnston Terrace if booked privately, this is the perfect space for group lunches and dinners.

Whisky Bond 2 has a similar feel, with wooden panels and doors opening into Whisky Bond 3. This is a lovely space for a smaller group, with a maximum of 24 people. 

Whisky Bond 2

Whisky Bond 3 can be hired individually for pre-dinner drinks receptions. With a stunning whisky distillery model, this room has a real focal point for guests to enjoy. Again, with direct access from Johnston Terrace by both stairs or lift, this space is fully accessible. 

Stillhouse Suite & Whisky Bond 3


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Room configuration Capacities

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