Cutty Sark 12 Year Old 70cl

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A twelve year old deluxe blend from the ever popular Cutty Sark.

What you may not know about this whisky...

In 1920, Prohibition in the USA began and the sale of alcohol was officially illegal. It was bad for most, but an opportunity for Berry Bros. and Rudd to create a whisky designed for American drinkers.

 On 23 March 1923, Francis Berry and Hugh Rudd decided to create a new, lighter style of whisky. It was to be more similar to cognac and designed for drinkers with a more refined taste who were unsatisfied with the dark coloured moonshine that was common at the time.

Soon after Prohibition began, so did the legend of Captain Bill McCoy, famous for smuggling only the highest quality whisky in Rum Row, the name given to waters just outside the US maritime border. It is rumoured that before his arrest in late 1923, the Real McCoy handled crates of Cutty Sark.

 It was Scottish artist James McBey who suggested the name Cutty Sark, after the famous British clipper ship that had recently been retired for naval training. The now famous yellow label came about as a total mistake, due to a printing error.

When Prohibition was repealed in 1933, Cutty Sark was a popular favourite, and now that the buying spirits was legal, sales of the whisky soared. This success continued for many years, and in 1961 Cutty Sark became the first Scotch whisky to sell one million cases in the USA.

Cutty Sark has seen continuing popularity, helped by the revamping of the brands packaging. As well as the release of the Cutty Sark Storm in 2012 and Cutty Sark Prohibition in 2013 which marked 80 years since the repeal of Prohibition. It's also the favourite of TV programme Mad Men's Don Draper!

Tasting notes:

Toffee, fruit and spices. Incredibly smooth.

Flavour profile:

  • Spicy
  • Softly Sweet


12 Year Old
Cutty Sark
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