Ailsa Bay 70cl

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Produced at the Girvan distillery, the Ailsa Bay is a uniquely balanced whisky that takes its inspiration from the nearby Ailsa Craig.

Although making its debut in the whisky world – with its first release in February 2016 - Ailsa Bay comes from a landscape with much history. Built on the site of the old Ladyburn Distillery, this peated Lowland whisky is named for the ‘Ailsa Craig’, which dominates the distillery’s horizon. While the granite from this remote island is more traditionally used for making curling stones, a piece of it is contained in the stopper of every bottle of Ailsa Bay.

Tasting notes:

Remarkably smoky for a Lowland malt. Peaty and phenolic, with sweet honeyed notes coming through.

Flavour profile:

  • Smoky
  • Cereal
  • Softly Sweet


Ailsa Bay
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