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Scotland's Majestic Malts - HM The Queen's Platinum Jubilee - June 2022

To commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, visitors to the Scotch Whisky Experience can enjoy some specially selected whiskies which, through the ages, have been given the royal seal of approval.  A special version of the Gold Tour entitled Scotland’s Majestic Malts is available every day throughout June 2022 highlighting the regal heritage of Scotch Whisky.

Guests will enjoy the whisky tour ending with a visit to the world’s largest collection of Scotch whiskies which includes many bottlings associated with Scotland’s royal heritage.  Following the tour, visitors will enjoy a tasting tray, following in the footsteps of royalty, with four specially selected whiskies each with a royal story to tell.

  • Scotland’s Majestic Malts will run throughout June 2022
  • Tours run every day from 1000 – 1700
  • Tours can be pre booked online
  • Book the Gold Tour option and request Scotland’s Majestic Malts on arrival.

Scotch Whisky – a Royal Heritage

The Royal Family has had a close relationship with the “Water of Life” throughout the centuries.  Medieval and renaissance monarchs ordered “aqua vitae” for their courts and King George IV demanded his favourite (illicit!) Scotch during his visit hosted by Sir Walter Scott.  Queen Victoria established her Scottish home in whisky country at Balmoral and royal connections run right up to the present day.

For a glimpse into some of the tales to discover, have a read of our news story here.

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Platinum Jubilee whisky stave