Covid measures - current for January 2022


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  • Scottish haggis and blue tartan square

    Recipe: Whisky Cream Sauce

    A delectable recipe for Whisky sauce to serve with your haggis this Burns Night

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    COVID-19 Information 2022

    We are fully open, seven days a wee. Daily updates here.

  • Old pulteney stills square

    Old Pulteney Distillery

    Renewable steam energy powers both the distillery and local homes & public buildings.

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    Sustainable Scotch - new tour and tasting

    The stories behind the ecological credentials of Scotland’s best known whiskies and our hidden gems.

  • Glen scotia bees square

    Glen Scotia Distillery

    One of the best examples of a virtuous cycle and the circular economy, long before the term was coined. Barley goes back to the farms.

  • Raasay distillery blog header square

    Raasay Distillery

    A wild home for Roe Deer, Sea Eagles and dolphin and whale spotting. The distillery is right at the heart of the community.

  • Glenmorangie deep eco square

    Glenmorangie Distillery

    From a start of 300, now 4 million oysters have returned from extinction to thrive in the Dornoch Firth, sustained on a 40 hectare reef.

  • Talisker distillery (002) eco square

    Talisker Distillery

    Talisker has committed to supporting the preservation and protection of 100 million square meters of marine ecosystems around the world.

  • Glen scotia draff tractor square

    Glen Scotia Distillery

    Scotch whisky - the original circular economy well before the term was coined. Barley used to make whisky is transformed into cattle feed.

  • Glenkinchie finals web 0058 eco square

    Glenkinchie Distillery

    Glenkinchie is working on a nature sustainability strategy to encourage pollination and protect wildlife in the local area.