LAUNCHED - SWE & Amber Christmas Packages 2021

The Macallan Disitllery

Macallan eco image detail

Pronounced - ma-CALLAN 

Meaning - "Magh" a flat fertile place & "allan" from Saint Fillian, who was reputed to have passed on the secrets of distilling. 

Our interesting fact! - The Macallan distillery borders the River Spey and it has its own salmon fishing beat which is let out during the season.

Eco & Sustainability - For 200 years the distillery has been the custodian of a 485 acre estate and have an ethos nurturing and protecting the land. Their Habitat Management Plan ensures the protection and enhancement of the many species of wildlife and plants, including 7 identified European Protected Species, via a schedule of rolling annual projects. 

Their work with the Spey Fishery Board supports and protects the repopulation of Atlantic Salmon.

Charitable donations include The Guggenheim Foundation’s Diversity, Equity, Access & Inclusion Initiative and City Harvest London, putting fresh, surplus food to good use in a sustainable way. 

The distillery repurposes the by-products and natural residue from the distillation process as crop fertiliser for their very own estate-grown barley, and their pot ale and draff co-product are used as animal feed on their neighbouring farm. 

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