A Big (BIG) Surprise from Bruichladdich’s Signature Bottling

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Made from 100% Scottish barley, The Classic Laddie is said to be the definitive representation of Bruichladdich’s commitment to authenticity, provenance, and place. In addition to its unique taste, Bruichladdich have found another way to express the big philosophy behind this unpeated Islay single malt. At 4.5l, The Classic Laddie’s ‘Big Daddy’ has everything that the regular 700ml Classic has – and more. In fact, the lucky customer who purchases it will get around 180 drams of Islay goodness, so can expect to become extremely popular!
Priced at £360.00, The Classic Laddie 4.5 Litre is available exclusively from Bruichladdich Distillery, and The Scotch Whisky Experience. So, if you too would like a glimpse of the Loch Indaal Monster, come visit us in the shop!

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